Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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As part of an ongoing project on my Twitter feed, I'm delivering stories from the Sherlock Holmes canon in tiny installments of 140 characters or less.  On Monday, I finished-up "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs," and I hope everyone enjoyed the story of "Killer" Evans and his nasty little plot that almost took Watson's life .

The current story is "The Adventure of Black Peter" and when the story is over, let me know if you think 1895 was really the year that Sherlock Holmes was in his best form, physically and mentally.  Or if Stanley Hopkins was really one of Scotland Yard's rising stars, or just an annoying little sycophant.  

Check out my Twitter feed for a daily installment, though I am usually inspired to post more than once a day.  And don't forget that you can read through the original canon stories online


There is less than two weeks left to enter the current blog contest, and win a prize package of Sherlock Holmes reference works.  So brush up on your Sherlock Holmes trivia!  Entries are accepted until May 21.

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